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Dated: Thu 10th August 2006 Posted by: webmaster

Now is your chance to join the NRC-FOSS team



Recruitment of Project Staff

[ See Advertisement ]

1. Nature of the job:

Software Development, Training, R&D and Promotional activities to address the national needs in the FOSS area. Located within the Anna University, NRCFOSS has an academic and R&D ambience with a strong presence of students, faculty, research scholars and scientists. Professional Software Industry state-of-the-art processes and practices will be followed in the execution of the tasks.

2. Qualifications and experience needed:

Applicants for the post of Project Staff should be Graduates from Engineering streams or Post-graduates from non-Engineering streams. They should possess at least one year experience in FOSS technologies. In case of candidates with published work in FOSS software, these qualifications may be waived to a certain extent.


3. Type of Experience:

Candidates from non-computer streams should have experience in Software Coding, Teaching, R&D or Industry. For all the candidates, areas of interest should include some or all of the following: Linux OS, Networking, Scripting languages like Perl, Python and Ruby, RDBMS knowledge and experience – Postgresql, Mysql or SQLlite. Web development with knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript/Ajax. GUI development with experience in Qt, Gtk, wxWidgets and Perl and Python bindings for the above. Experience in handling various Linux Distros and the basics of Apache, postfix/sendmail/courier, KDE and Gnome will be expected.

4. Desirable:

Interest in working with academic and R&D community such as students, research scholars, faculty and scientists. Interest in acquiring higher qualifications (ME/MS(By Research) / Ph.D.) while working in the NRCFOSS would also be desirable as opportunities exist for the same.

5. Terms:

Remuneration would be at the levels of Academia and Research Labs, and commensurate with qualification, experience and publications. Positions are currently on contract-basis with consolidated salaries.

6. How to apply:

Send your CV with full details within ten days of the Newspaper advertisement , i.e., on or before the 23rd August 2006.

The Jt.Coordinator, NRCFOSS
AU-KBC Research Centre
MIT Campus of Anna University
Chennai-600 044
[email protected]
Fax: 044 - 22231034
Phone: 044 - 22234885/22232711/22236958/22236959
(Note: Email is the preferred mode of communication)

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