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Freed.IN 07, A Summary ...

Dated: Tue 16th October 2007 Posted by: Anant

ILUGD pulls off another year of FOSS and Fun

Freed.IN 2007 concluded on a successful note on the 29th of September. This year's edition of ilugd's annual FOSS conference, formerly known as Freedel, underwent a major organizational and structural overhaul; and the efforts seem to have paid off.

Freed.IN managed to attract some heavy-weight sponsors this year - Intel was the principal sponsor; Google and Sun Microsystems chipped in with gold slots. Engineers from Sun held a series of Java Workshops which were a big hit, especially with the student crowd; and the talk on OpenSolaris managed to attract quite a few audience too.

Even with all the corporate involvement, Freed was a completely community-oriented event. There was a lot of variety in the talks this year, covering almost all areas of FOSS applications. The series of talks on FOSS multimedia tools by Niyam Bhushan was a crowd-puller and showcased some really impressive multimedia content. Shawn Kwon of KLDP fame gave a talk on ideas and inspirations from the Korean FOSS experience. The first day concluded with a thought-provoking discussion on whether LUG's must get into the business of providing commercial FOSS support, and if not; how SME's can smoothly switch over to FOSS without shelling out large amounts of money for support from the FOSS corporate giants.

Intel, NRCFOSS, Sun and Linux4You had stalls showcasing some interesting products. The folks from EFY were giving away WizPy's, a portable, bootable Linux drive; while Sun was giving away copies of their OpenSolaris operating system.

The second day kicked off with a very pragmatic talk by Raj Mathur on why software patents are a really bad idea; which was immediately followed by an insightful talk by Rob Miller on how you can keep your customers happy while saving money. The day progressed with a variety of talks on topics like web application development, virtualization, FOSS in VLSI, and FOSS network security tools. The day concluded with a panel discussion on making FOSS communities work together.

One of the most common complaints by the attendees of the event was that there were too many tracks and talks in parallel, which meant many people didn't get to attend as many talks as they'd have liked to.

Despite a few minor glitches, Freed.IN turned out to be a great success. ilugd has already learned a lot from the event and is busy planning next year's edition, tentatively to be held in February 2008.

Check out some photos of the event. 

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