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Dated: Fri 6th March 2009 Posted by: webmaster

NRC-FOSS at AU-KBC announces FOSS Competency certification programme

FOSS Competency Certification Programme

The background

As a part of its efforts to create trained Human Resources in Free/Open Source Software (FOSS), NRCFOSS at AU-KBC has been working with Universities and Colleges for introducing FOSS into their formal curricula, into the theory and laboratory classes as well as projects. This gives an opportunity for enrolled students to acquire FOSS awareness and training even while in college, and as a part of their regular programs. There has been a feeling of late that such a facility should also be made available to a wider cross section of people, beyond those who are formally enrolled in degree programs of universities, such as working persons, graduates yet to be placed, teachers, etc. While reaching the benefits of the FOSS promotion program to a wider audience, this will also increase the availability of FOSS-trained personnel to the Industry.

As one of the ways of realising this goal, NRCFOSS at AU-KBC proposes to launch a “FOSS Competency Certificate Examination” open to all interested persons with out necessarily having to enrol in a university. Such persons can simply register and take the examination conducted by NRCFOSS, and if they clear the same, they will receive a Certificate from NRCFOSS stating their level of FOSS competence. Certificates at different levels of competence and in different areas of FOSS are proposed to be offered depending on the market needs.

The Proposed Program

To start with, it is proposed to offer a Certificate Examination in the area of web deployment of the LAMP stack which is the backbone of the new web 2.0 explosion. It is to be noted that the candidate will not be tested in programming skills per se, but only in his/her capability of deploying a FOSS web application in production.

Topics for the Web Deployment Certificate are the following:

· Virtual hosting using apache, lighttpd or nginx .

· Database backend using MySql, PostgreSql or Sqllite

· Web front-end using CSS, HTML and javascript

· Business logic using perl, php, python or ruby.

· User authentication

· Version control using subversion, git, mercurial or other VCS of choice

  • bug-tracking system using bugzilla or trac

During the examination, the candidate will be expected to set up a web application using the above components which would all be pre-installed. The candidate is free to use web frameworks, tool kits and ORMs to do the above, but he/she will have to install them himself/herself. The application will have to comply with certain standards and the expected standards/RFCs will be published here later along with more details. Candidates are free to use the internet as a resource as needed and also to bring other materials on paper or storage media. After the set up is done and demonstrated, the candidate will be asked to make certain modifications that have to be successfully implemented. The result of the Test will be simple Pass/Fail.

The examination will be day long and hands on, and would be conducted at NRCFOSS in the AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT Campus of Anna University Chennai. At a later date, and depending on the need, arrangements may be made to have the examination held at other locations in the country.

For the current promotional offer, the Registration and Examination fees will be only Rs.5,000/- (all inclusive), which is subject to revision at a later date. The date of the first examination will be announced here soon.

For the present, NRCFOSS itself will not be offering any training programs to prepare candidates for the Certificate Examination; the existing Software and IT Training Institutes may be approached for such programs. Interested Institutes may contact NRCFOSS for more details on the Certification program, and for guidance and advice on the kind of training that may be needed to enable the candidates to clear the examination. If needed, NRCFOSS may also evolve a program in future for training the trainers of such Institutes in the areas where NRCFOSS is offering the Certificate Examination.

For further details, prospective candidates and training institutes may contact: [email protected]

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