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Dated: Wed 20th May 2009 Posted by: webmaster

Posts available for NRC-FOSS at AU-KBC

Advertisement for Positions in NRCFOSS Project

at AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University Chennai.

NRCFOSS is a multi-institutional project funded by the Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India, and coordinated by C-DAC Chennai. AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University Chennai, is one of the participating institutions in this project, and its work is focused on Human Resource Development (HRD) in FOSS and other activities alligned to it. The following are some of the key activities that would be carried out by the AU-KBC Centre during the three years of this project --

  • Introduction and Promotion of FOSS in the formal Higher Education sector in India in all possible/feasible ways, including Awareness Creation, Syllabus making, Teacher Training, Teaching/Learning content creation, Student Projects, Mentoring, etc.

  • Promotion of FOSS in the non-formal sector through offering FOSS Competency Certification Programs for individuals and institututions, identifying and specifying the levels and types of FOSS competence requirements, taking up Training Programs to support the above, etc.

  • Explore ways by which the approaches, methods and technologies of FOSS can enhance the quality of education and research in diverse fields of higher learning in India, keeping affordability and accessibility in mind.

  • Help enhance the contributions to the FOSS corpus from the Indian educational and research community in diverse fields.

  • Network and associate closely with the FOSS community, academia, industry, government, voluntary sector and other interersted players in the promotion and proliferation of FOSS in India.

For more details of the activities of NRCFOSS, see: ;

AU-KBC Research Centre is looking to hire personnel to work in the NRCFOSS project to carry out the above activities, in the following three categories:

A) Project Scientist / Sr. Engr : Ph.D. or work of equivalent standing in relevant areas.

B) Project Engineer – I : ME/M Tech,or BE with experience, or equal relevant background.

C) Project Engineers-- II: B.E/B Tech. or equal relevant experience and background.

The formal qualifications are expected to be in the field of CS/IT, but exceptions can be made where felt necessary.

In addition to educational qualifications, the following would also be given important weightage during selection: Contributions to FOSS promotion in terms of participation in FOSS Projects, expertise/ experience in FOSS Code Development and Programming, participation in FOSS Communities like LUG s, involvement in FOSS Teaching/Training, FOSS Popularisation through organisation of meetings and seminars, contribution to FOSS development in specific domains, etc. In exceptional circumstances of proven track record in FOSS development and/or promotion work, the requirement of formal qualifications may also be relaxed if felt necessary.

Facility exists for the selected candidates to register simultaneously for a higher research degree (M.S.(By Research) or Ph.D.) in Anna University Chennai, following the relevant rules and regulations of the University.

Selection will be through a written examination and interview held in Anna University Chennai, MIT Campus.

Interested candidates may e-mail their applications with full CV highlighting their interest in (or contributions to ) FOSS work wherever relevant, to [email protected]

Last date for receipt of e-mail applications: 10.00 AM, 9th June 2009

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